About All Creatures Great and Small
Carol Bignell and Tess


Carol Bignell, founder of All Creatures Great and Small, was born and raised in Maple Ridge, but also spent many years living in Saskatoon and overseas in South East Asia and Australia. She has always retained a deep sensitive connection to all animals, from rodents to reptiles, to dogs and cats, pigs to horses. She has devoted her heart to providing animals that she has encountered throughout her life with the same love, respect and consideration that they all deserve – regardless of their species. Carol especially enjoyed her involvement with the community when she was a rescue shelter volunteer at Katie’s Place Animal Shelter, from 2004-2009. As a volunteer and pet guardian, she took great pleasure in fostering and socializing feral kittens and unadoptable cats.

"The purity of a person's heart can be quickly measured by how they regard animals" - Anonymous

Shortly before moving to South East Asia in 1996, she was a trail guide and horse wrangler. Part of her job involved calming difficult and spiritually damaged horses to become manageable mounts through gentle, consistent, non-aggressive methods. Curious to study and understand, not only equine, but animal psychology, it developed into an interest and a mission. After returning from SE Asia, where she handled and fell in love with monitor lizards and visited Komodo and Rinca Islands to view the Dragons in their natural habitat, she worked with two cougar cubs on a documentary film as a post-production assistant. These amazing, yet maligned creatures, communicated to their handlers by chirping like birds, and the female enjoyed belly rubs and going for walks.

In 2014, after five and a half years with the government, Carol decided to leave the 11- hour commute / work days and start her own professional pet services company, so she could spend her days pampering and taking care of other people’s pets. She did her research and received the training, education and certification from leading animal behaviourists, veterinarians, and equine specialists before launching her business in September of 2014.

Carol’s interest in positive reward based methods for handling dogs led her to Dr. Rebecca Ledger. Dr. Ledger is a British companion animal behaviour scientist and clinical ethologist, who also receives veterinarian referrals as Western Canada’s only clinical animal behaviour therapist. She teaches an intensive dog behaviour (ethograms) Professional Dog Walker Certificate Program at Langara College in Vancouver. Carol received brief and intense, yet invaluable instruction in understanding dog behaviour, such as calming signals, which is part of the scientifically based Postive Reinforcement Dog Training Techniques, led by respected animal behaviourists such as Dr. Patricia McConnell and dog trainer Pat Miller. Due to the popularity of the program, Professor Ledger will provide Carol with an Advanced Dog Behaviour course in early 2015.

Carol is also certified in pet and equine emergency first-aid, and is accredited by Dr. Jeff Grognet in Starting a Professional Pet Sitting Business through Vancouver Island University’s online program. Through Equi-Health Canada’s Equine first-aid program, Carol was instructed by Theresa Skett (EFAI), using a Thoroughbred mare, to practice hands-on the ancient approach to equine performance which improves circulation, comfort and overall performance in horses…called the SULIS Method. Initially developed by the Romans for Energy, Breath and Massaged Movement to Maximize the Comfort and Performance of their horses when preparing for war, for healing, hunting and for work, it was also practiced by the medieval knights on their battle chargers, and plough horses in later centuries.

To make a long story short we will take care of all types of pets from rats to reptiles (except tarantula’s….sorry). We will provide your beloved, precious pet with the love, devotion, care, and sensitive attention that you expect, and they deserve. If you require a tailor made, difficult or time consuming pet service, call for a free consultation and we can discuss the options available. We desire to provide your animals with the most rewarding care possible. Carol has spent a lifetime of devoting her love, heart and soul to all creatures great and small…..