Dog Walking Services – Pitt Meadows & Maple Ridge
dog walking services Pitt Meadows Maple Ridge

Professional Dog Walking

Private 30-minute walk – $20.00 – all dog walking is done on leash and walks are for the full 30, 45 or 60-minutes. After the dog is walked, we can clean, check and dry paws, provide fresh water, give treats or a feeding (if requested), and basic grooming.

Private 45-minute walk – $25.00

Private 60-minute walk – $30.00

Group Dog walks – $25 an hour.

Off-leash or Dog Park Option – Contact us to arrange a custom-made experience for your canine(s).

Puppy Care Services

$15.00 and up – 2 dog walking visits + optional mid-day visit (pee break) – socializing, puppy walks and play. Interaction with puppies and adult dogs is based on using positive based reinforcement interaction.


If needed, a key will be collected during the consultation visit. Keys are NOT coded with identifiers linked to property addresses and are kept in a locked key box.

When keys are provided at the initial visit and kept on file there are no future charges. Otherwise fees are:

Key Pick up or Drop off – $10.00 fee

Mail Key – $5.00

** We carry pet first aid supplies in our vehicle at all times, and we are certified in pet-first aid and equine emergency first-aid, professional dog walking (Dr. Rebecca Ledger – Animal Behaviourist/ Animal Welfare Scientist), and professional pet-sitting (Dr. Jeff Grognet – Veterinarian).

** For long term vacation services, please call 7 days prior to your departure, so that we can arrange a free meet and greet consultation and key exchange.

**We only accept cheques, post-dated to the first day of service.

Please note: There is a surcharge for all Statutory Holidays at a rate of time-and-a-half on top of the normal rate for all dog walking services.

See our Pet Services page for a complete list of what we offer the pet owners in Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge.