Pet Taxi Services
Pet Taxi Services in Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge

Pet Taxi Services

Our pet taxi service can transport your pets to veterinary or grooming appointments on your behalf. Today’s busy professionals working full-time jobs find our service particularly valuable, as you are able to send your pets to weekday appointments and not affect your work schedule. Our services also offer pet food pick-up and delivery for seniors or individuals without transportation. We can also transport your dog to a dog park for interaction and socializing with other canines as part of our pet taxi service.

$40.00/hour (1 hour minimum) – includes the transportation, mileage and travel time to a veterinarian clinic or groomer’s.

$20.00 for each additional 30-minutes

Pet food pick-up and delivery, or transportation to a dog park or off-leash areas (Please contact us for a customized free consultation visit – based on travel time and mileage).


If needed, a key will be collected during the consultation visit. Keys are NOT coded with identifiers linked to property addresses and are kept in a locked key box.

When keys are provided at the initial visit and kept on file there are no future charges. Otherwise fees are:

Key Pick up or Drop off – $10.00 fee

Mail Key – $5.00

** We carry pet first aid supplies in our vehicle at all times, and we are certified in pet-first aid and equine emergency first-aid, professional dog walking (Dr. Rebecca Ledger – Animal Behaviourist/ Animal Welfare Scientist), and professional pet-sitting (Dr. Jeff Grognet – Veterinarian).

**We only accept cheques, post-dated to the first day of service.

Please note: There is a surcharge for all Statutory Holidays at a rate of time-and-a-half on top of the normal rate for all pet taxi services.

See our Pet Services page for a complete list of what we offer the pet owners in Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge.